Application Loadbalancer and it’s Properties.

Why we choose Application Loadbalancer?

Let’s learn the benefit of using Application Loadbalancer.

1. Application Loadbalancer allows you to configure the target group where you can easily forward the traffic on the basis of TCP or UDP port.

2. It allows you to configure rules where you can easily route the traffic based on internal domain, you just need to create the alias in Route53.

3. Application Loadbalancer allows you to route the traffic based on the header of URL, means traffic can be routed to the particular path or your web server.

4. Application Loadbalancer is capable of handling heavy traffic on your web server as compared to Classic Loadbalancer.

5. Attaching auto-scaling to Application Loadbalancer allows you dynamically route the traffic to the autoscaled instance.

There are a lot more advantages of using Application Loadbalancer but among all the important features, these are the most important one any DevOps guys must know.

For more information visit the link below.

Application Loadbalancer

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